Twin Pillars Investment (TPI)

Twin Pillars Investments, LLC, (TPI) is a Limited Liability Corporation established in Florida. TPI was founded by two Marine Officers, Justin Noe and Nate Cherubini who decided to bring their brothers into the operation, Seth Noe and Jeff Jones. 

We are a relationship-based business who strive for unmatched customer service, and we work hard to provide our customers with safe, affordable, homes they can be proud of.

TPI is building a real estate portfolio comprised of safe and affordable single family and small multifamily properties which rent for between $750-$2,500 per month. With roughly 60% of Millennial’s preferring to rent over home ownership and 50% of Baby Boomers, there is a significant shortage of affordable housing inventory across the nation. The pandemic has compounded this fact. Our niche is finding distressed homes which can be restored to safe, like new condition and offer it to the market filling the highest demand housing product in America during both good economic times and especially during economic downturns. Affordable family housing is our focus to build better communities.

Our tenantresidents are Individuals or small families who desire to live in a safe community of affordable housing and wish to have freedom that apartment living does not provide. Our target customer is the entry level, middle-class young family on its way up through the economic ladder or the elderly looking to downsize or living on fixed income.

The goal of the of the Company is to provide affordable housing for our residents while providing the owners of the Company a 15%+ return on investment, which will enable us to reinvest and grow in this community.

Meet The TPI Team

Justin Noe
Justin is the co-founder and one of the “pillars” in TPI.
Justin is responsible for finding, funding, analyzing, negotiating and closing deals. He is also the lead marketing guy for the company finding outside investors who want to get involved in real estate.
Justin is currently an active-duty Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Marine Corps with the retirement date set early 2023.
He is a Real Estate Agent under Heart of Florida Realty. A Brooksville, FL native supported by his wife, Lina and four girls.

Nate Cherubini
Nate is the other co-founder and one of the “pillar” of TPI. He is the man behind accounting, rent collections, managing operations, raising money, deal analysis and so much more!
Nate is currently an active-duty Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Marine Corps. Currently on orders in California with his wife, Jamie and four children. Nate has been renting properties for over six years and is also preparing for post military service with the building of a team and systems to create a profitable real estate investing operation.

Seth Noe
Seth is the lead guy on the ground for TPI. He is often managing rehabs, triaging maintenance and often finds off market deals.
Seth is also a Brooksville local and serial entrepreneur with a keen ability to turn ideas into profits, solving problems in the community. Seth is supported by his wife, Nachelle and their two boys.

Jeff Jones
Jeff is the resident manager for TPI with the uncanny ability to resolve issues and breaks all negative precepts of land-lord-tenant relationships. Jeff has his Masters in Social Work; he understands how to create value-based relationships. Jeff is supported by his wife, Lauren and their daughter.