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The BRRRR method stand for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat.

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TPI purchases properties that range from mildly distressed to needing a full renovation. This allows a deep discount with an all-cash offer, even in competitive markets.


Using trusted contractors and licensed professionals, TPI ensures our projects stay on time and within projected budgets. We do not cut corners and typically add granite counters, premium flooring, stainless appliances, and upgrade all major systems needed to demand the highest after repair value (ARV) and provide residents with unmatched living conditions for the price.


At this point we use a proven resident screening method which includes background checks, credit checks, phone calls to references, phone interviews, and in person screening. Resident leasing is taken extremely seriously to ensure we are protecting our investments.


Once a lease in in place we can then apply for financing. This allows us to take out a mortgage on the property of up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV). The amount financed typically provides enough cash back to TPI at closing to repay all cash expended during the purchase and renovation phases. This also leaves 25% equity in the property. We have a few trusted lenders that are used to this process and have a track record of delivering great loan terms for our investments.


At this point we deem the investment property stabilized. Our investors are paid back their capital plus agreed upon interest, and we also place funds into a reserve account tied to this property for maintenance and repairs. We can then move on to the next property with this proven process!